‘farscapes serves as the creative outlet for richard davies, without which he would undoubtedly end up in a tall building with a high-powered sniper rifle wondering if he should have gone for that job pottering about in a flat-bottomed boat taking water samples on the great barrier reef after all….’

photography has been a long standing obsession which, like all the best things in life, comes in waves (there’s a dolphin joke in there somewhere). it’s not unknown for me to put a camera down and forget to pick it up again for a few months, but pick it up I inevitably do. my photography reflects the things that I consider important for a successful life – waves, surfing, music and other people, in that very strict order – which is why it will never, EVER make money but keeps me out of the house for a few hours and gives my wife another opportunity to make her escape. she never seems to manage it.

if you’d like to talk to me about my work, especially if you’re an eccentric collector of imagery with a fat wallet and poor negotiating skills, please fill in the form on my contact page or send an e-mail* to farscapes_ltd@hotmail.com.



*if e-mail has been superseded by some sort of instant telepathy-based technology, it’s probably not worth bothering.